Service Plans

Service Plans

Providing Bucks County, Lehigh County, Montgomery County and Northampton County with the best service plans, Doelp Electric has led the way. Doelp Electric strives to make sure your business is properly lighted, saves on everyday power usage, and reduces the overall electrical consumption. By providing plans that work for business, we are able to keep all of our commercial customers running their businesses efficiently and profitably. Additionally, without the aggravation of having to worry about the small stuff. As a result, projects like replacing lights and improving the company’s overall carbon footprint are taken care of. By working with Doelp Electric, you are able to get the service and advice you need. This allows for the managment of your business’ electrical consumption more efficiently .

Which Plan is Right for You?

Making sure you keep operating efficiently, safely and saving money on your electrical bill, is part of what we do everyday. Therefore, Doelp Electric is always happy to help you help the environment. Additionally, this will reduce your expenses each month. Be sure to call Doelp Electric at 215-536-7003 today. Because at Doelp Electric, the “O” may be silent, but our quality speaks for itself!

Tip_LeafExit and Emergency Lighting Service for Commercial or Industrial Businesses

Make sure you have your exit and emergency lighting checked on a monthly basis to keep your facility up to code and to maintain the safety of your employees. Doelp Electric inspects your entire facility and logs each fixture. Additionally, Doelp Electric will repair fixtures as they are needed. So, you always can produce an accurate record of inspections and help to keep your safety record spotless.

Tip_LeafParking Lot and Exterior Lighting Service for Commercial or Industrial Businesses

Doelp Electric will inspect and professionally repair any parking lot and exterior lighting that may be out or damaged at any or all of your business facilities. Employee and visitor safety is dependant on proper monitoring and maintainance parking and exterior lighting. Therefore, Doelp Electric logs all of your fixtures and any repair or maintenance that is needed. Consequently, this is to keep your facility compliant with regulations. Additionally to maintain professional safety records for your business.

Tip_LeafElectrical Equipment Check for Residential, Commercial or Industrial

Being sure that your electrical equipment and systems are working properly and are not a hazard to your employees or family is very important. Doelp Electric checks all electrical equipment for corrosion, loose connections, properly working GFCI’s and more in this service. This allows you to make sure your business or home is electrically safe and up to code with Doelp Electric.

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