Doelp Electric, Quakertown’s leading electrical contractor, takes pride in our spotless reputation for providing the best in electrical installation, service and maintenance for our residential and business customers. We take a great deal of pride in providing customers and potential customers with the best electrical advice to help them save money, protect the environment, and improve their bottom line on a monthly basis with the latest in electrical advice and tips to help them reduce their overall electrical consumption and bill.

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Tip_LeafElectrical Inspections

You should know how old your home is for safety reasons. Older homes weren’t built for modern electrical needs. Even homes built as early as the 1990’s could have faulty electrical panels. For a check up on your home’s electrical needs, call Doelp Electric.

Tip_LeafFlickering Lights

If your light bulbs are flickering, it could mean more than just a faulty lightbulb. It could mean that you have too many appliances connected to a circuit. It could also mean an electrical panel needs to be repaired or even replaced. If you are experiencing these problems, call Doelp Electric to install new circuits or to evaluate your electrical panel.

Tip_LeafWhen to Hire an Electrician

It is very important to use discretion when you have electrical issues. When in doubt, call a professional, licensed electrician such as Doelp Electric who has employees with years of training, understanding of code specification and over 20 years of experience.


Quick Tips and Solutions
Don’t overload your electrical outlets with too many electrical plugs at one time.
Call Doelp Electric for additional electrical outlet installation in order to reduce safety hazardsExtension cords are only a temporary solution.
If you are using extension cords to plug in devices and appliances, call Doelp Electric to help with outlet placement in order to solve your electrical needs.

Install smoke alarms in each bedroom and at least one on each additional floor.
As a reminder, smoke alarms should be replaced yearly. If your smoke alarms are not up to code or need to be replaced, call Doelp Electric for installation or replacement.

Make sure your power cords do not run under carpets, rugs or and flammable surface.
Call Doelp Electric for help with placement of your outlets so that your power cords are placed in safe locations.

Be aware of hot switch outlets.
Is your outlet hot to the touch or discolored? First shut off the circuit immediately and then call Doelp Electric to safely replace and repair the outlet.


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