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Baseboard Heaters

Upgrading Baseboard Heaters It is time to start thinking about baseboard heaters and heating your home, as winter is only a few months away. Baseboard heaters are a great way to heat your home, but are your baseboard heaters running as efficiently as they could be? Through placement, maintenance and replacement/upgrades, your home can be…
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Finding the Right Electrical Contractor

Electrical Contractors and You Which Electrical Contractor is Right for Your Project? Have a new electrical project coming up? Don't no where to start looking? Today, websites such as Angie’s List,  Porch, and Home Advisor make finding an electrical contractor as easy as a click of a button. But how can you tell if the electrical contractor…
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Electrical Panels

Electrical Panels Electric Panel Safety Electricity can be a very dangerous thing. Electric panels possibly being the most dangerous outlet of electricity. Therefore, you should always call an electrician to deal with electrical needs.  One's inability to follow safety procedures can lead to harm or even death. A recent study of the Office of Compliance shows…
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Electrical Vehicle

Ready for an Electrical Vehicle? Electrical Vehicles and Charger Requirements Electrical vehicles become useless without a proper charger. As a result, it is important to know about your charger. How does the charger works? Will your home require electrical wiring upgrades? What charger will you need to charge your electrical vehicle? Hopefully we will be able to…
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Money Saving Electrical Tips

Money Saving Electrical Tips Doelp Electric is always trying to save our customers money and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time. Here are some money saving electrical tips to save your family or business money everyday. 1.) Optimum Lighting If money is tight and you want to decrease your energy bill, there are…
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Got Backup Power? Get A Home Generator.

Backup Home Generators Doelp Electric is liscensed in Pennsylvania. Our customers are familiar with experiencing all four seasons. This means thunderstorms in the summer. Wind storms in the fall. Rainy spring weather. Heavy winter weather. Weather that can affect electricity. Standby home generators can provide security during a power outage. This can provide safety for your…
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Update Your Kitchen Lighting.

Update your Kitchen Lighting Types of Kitchen Lighting At Doelp Electric, we customize kitchen lighting depending on your needs and specific kitchen layout. However, at Doelp Electric, we focus on three individual types of lighting. These would be the task, ambient, and decorative lighting. This allows for an inviting feel that is specified to your…
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