Baseboard Heaters

Upgrading Baseboard Heaters

It is time to start thinking about baseboard heaters and heating your home, as winter is only a few months away. Baseboard heaters are a great way to heat your home, but are your baseboard heaters running as efficiently as they could be? Through placement, maintenance and replacement/upgrades, your home can be heated efficiently and cost effectively.


Where should I install my baseboard heaters?

Baseboard heaters can be placed either directly on the floor or on the wall. However, you must take into account that there are no hanging objects within 12 inches of the heating unit. Furthermore, furniture should be situated in such a way that air flow allows for the whole room to be heated. Therefore, make sure that no furniture is blocking the baseboard heaters in anyway.


How do I maintain my baseboard heaters?

Baseboard heaters are relatively easy to maintain. In fact, there are only a few steps you need to follow to make sure your unit is working properly. First, you should always test your baseboard units by turning them on, to make sure that they are running properly. However, if they are not working properly, contact Doelp Electric.


The next step is to inspect the baseboard units for any physical damage. Furthermore, you should also check to see if any units are loose. If the units are damaged or loose, they should be replaced to prevent further damage or possible danger to your home.

If everything seems okay, the next step is to dust the units with a soft bristled cleaning device. Dust can clog the units and make them work less efficiently. This is why this step is so important. Also, to encourage further energy efficiency, make sure that there is no furniture blocking the baseboard units.



If your baseboard heater is not running with consistent heat or is not heating enough, it may be time to replace and upgrade your heater unit. Other signs to replace your heating unit consists of corrosion, overheating, age, or elements of the unit showing signs of burning.



However, to enable a better efficiency for a new or old unit, you can also upgrade your thermostat. Digital thermostats are more accurate than the alternative standard thermostat. Digital thermostats allows for a constant temperature across the room, thus saving you money on your heating bill. With a standard thermostat, the thermostat does not sense the temperature in the room accurately. The room will get cold before the heat comes back on in its cycle. Therefore, your room will not always be as warm as the temperature that you set the thermostat to.

With a digital thermostat, this problem is taken out of the equation. A digital thermostat will actually sense the temperature in the room. This makes for an accurate reading and a better heating experience as the room is heated at a more even temperature. All while allowing you to save money on heating with a touch of a button.

If you need to upgrade to a new baseboard heater and digital thermostat, call Doelp Electric today for a free quote.

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