Finding the Right Electrical Contractor

Electrical Contractors and You

Which Electrical Contractor is Right for Your Project?

Have a new electrical project coming up? Don't no where to start looking? Today, websites such as Angie’s List,  Porch, and Home Advisor make finding an electrical contractor as easy as a click of a button. But how can you tell if the electrical contractor you call is a good fit for your project? It is easy to determine which electrician is the best fit for you. Simply research and ask the following questions below.


Is the electrical contractor licensed?

Hiring an unlicensed electrician is NEVER the safe option. By choosing to do so, you risk having your electric not wired up to code. Hiring an unlicensed electrician is running a risk of the work that is done not being warranteed or insured. This could put you and your home in danger. Doelp Electric is a licensed professional who can assure safety over your project.


Is the electrical contractor insured?

Similarly, hiring an uninsured electrical contractor is equally as complicated. Simply put, an uninsured electrician can cause danger and hazard. Hiring an uninsured electrician has no guarantee. That is why all Doelp Electric employees are not only licensed, but also insured. Meaning that Doelp Electric has electricians that you can trust.


What are electrical contractor past projects?

If all of the electrical contractor’s paper work is in order, you can’t just stop your research there. Next, you must see the electrical contractor's past work. Through Doelp Electric's Porfolio page, Facebook page, and Instagram account, it is easy to see Doelp Electric's past projects.  The Portfolio Facebook page , and Instagram account will not only help you see what Doelp Electric is capable of. They will also help you to see what to expect after calling Doelp Electric.


Will the electrical contractor understand your needs and concerns?

It is important that your electrician know exactly what you are looking for in your electrical project. Otherwise, you will have ended up wasting money and disappointed. This is why Doelp Electric always has someone answering the phone 24/7. The messages are then sent directly to Doelp Electric’s CEO, Glen Doelp. This is to ensure that your concerns are directly addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Because, at Doelp Electric, we care about your electrical needs and concerns.


Call today to see if Doelp Electric is a good fit for your upcoming electrical project.

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