Electrical Panels

Electrical Panels

Electric Panel Safety

Electricity can be a very dangerous thing. Electric panels possibly being the most dangerous outlet of electricity. Therefore, you should always call an electrician to deal with electrical needs.  One's inability to follow safety procedures can lead to harm or even death. A recent study of the Office of Compliance shows that an average of 5,000 occupational, non-fatal injuries occur per year. Consequently, this being equivalent to one in every 20,000 workers becoming injured from an electrical panel.

Electrical Panels and Code Specifications

  • An electrical panel must not be blocked in any way (Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)).
  • There must be a  clearance in front and around the electrical panel. An electrical panel of 600 volts or less, must have a minimum clearance of three feet in front of the electrical panel and two and a half feet in width.
  • Live components of the electrical panel must not be exposed.
  • Electrical panels should remain locked unless accessed by trained personnel.

Electric Panel Upgrades

You must also keep your electrical panel up to date, as well as following electrical panel specifications. A house has an average age of 35 years old. Furthermore, it is safe to say that your electrical panel needs upgrading. Your electrical panel is the heart of your home. It provides electric to all of your appliances you use throughout the day. However, there are many signs that show whether your electrical panel should be updated or not. Due to this, we have shown some of these signs below:

  • Flickering lights
  • Frequent breaker trips
  • Melted electrical wires
  • Cracking sounds from the electrical panel
  • Corrosion and rust on the electrical panel

Furthermore, out of date electrical panels need attention right away. There is no reason to wait. Electrical panels can cause harm to individuals as well as the home. Therefore, if your electrical panel is experiencing any or all of these problems, call Doelp Electric immediately. To see Doelp Electric's past upgrades on electrical panels, click this link.





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