Update Your Kitchen Lighting.

Update your Kitchen Lighting

Types of Kitchen Lighting

At Doelp Electric, we customize kitchen lighting depending on your needs and specific kitchen layout. However, at Doelp Electric, we focus on three individual types of lighting. These would be the task, ambient, and decorative lighting. This allows for an inviting feel that is specified to your kitchen.

Task Lighting is the lighting which focuses on the work space of the kitchen such as recess lights above the sink, kitchen table or above the counter lights. These are available in incandescent, LED, fluorescent, and high and low lighting to center the light source where you need it the most. However, task lighting can not work alone. As Doelp Electric knows, any efficient kitchen lighting design has many lighting elements that work together.

This includes ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is the opposite of task lighting. This allows for a balance in your kitchen. Ambient lighting appears mostly in under the cabinet lighting. As well, this ambient lighting is available in incandescent, LED, fluorescent, and high and low lighting.

Decorative lighting is as equally important as task and ambient lighting. Decorative lighting allows for an overall warm feeling to the room that helps to brighten up your kitchen. This can be seen through chandeliers, light fixtures or recess lights in the middle of the room. With the collection of task lighting, ambient lighting and decorative lighting, Doelp Electric will help to design your kitchen lighting to your specific lighting needs.

Kitchen Lighting Additives

However, there are still more lighting attributes to add to your kitchen lighting that will ultimately help to make your kitchen your dream kitchen. These include dimmer switches and different bulb types.

Dimmer switches not only help to focus your lighting, but it also saves you money in the long run. Doelp Electric can install dimmer switches to your task, ambient and decorative lighting, so that your lighting becomes flexible. You can focus your lighting to where you need it and dim the lights where you don’t. In the end, this will save you money on your electrical bill as you are no longer using electricity when you don’t need to.

Similarly, different types of bulbs can help you focus your light for your different lighting needs. This includes flood light, spot light and a-type light bulb lighting. Talk to Doelp Electric to see what lighting would best fit your kitchen.


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